About Us

Nightmill was created from the concept that everything you can imagine is real. Our enthusiasm for design has created a place where we satisfy and amaze our clients, proving that design is art and it’s meant to be beautiful, stunning, and functional. Each new project is an opportunity for our artists to approach a blank canvas with an open mind, creating a concept that captivates, engages, and inspires.

Art Director

Amber Vojensky

Amber has a passion for art and it shows in her work. She is intuitive with clients, having a keen ability to understand and clearly communicate ideas. Amber is always furthering her skill set by experimenting with new techniques and innovative ideas. She has a solid background in traditional art which has been a foundation for her ability to create stunning illustrations, designs, and 3D work.

Creative Director

Paul Regalado

Paul has over 8 years experience in the Graphic Design industry. He built a design department from the ground up at a large insurance firm before co-founding Nightmill. His experience in the insurance industry gave him invaluable insight into sales and marketing in business operations, and also a realization of how important client relationships are. He is constantly innovating new ideas and pushing the creativity at Nightmill to the next level.

Technical Director

Bryan Weathers

Bryan has extensive knowledge of computer technology and is an expert with Maya, our 3D animation software. He is the guy behind the scenes that keeps everything at Nightmill running smoothly, which in turn keeps everyone else happy and productive.

Web Director

Billy Foster

Billy is the type of person that can do it all; whether he is out rock climbing or designing a website, he doesn’t know how to put in anything less than 110%. Billy tackles every challenge head on, which is why he can develop just about anything. He has an extensive art background and is also an expert at creating 3D animations.