Client Name:

HUB International Insurance Services



Colorado Web Development, CSS, HTML, Graphic Design,



HUB came to us looking for an online tool they could use to promote their Telehealth program. The Telehealth website would not only be used as a sales tool, but also an easy way to inform people about the benefits of signing up with the program. They needed a style that was professional, adhering to the brand they have already established for their company, but also personable and eye-catching. The Telehealth design reflects its individuality, yet still has the familiarity that HUB’s clients are used to seeing.


The biggest challenge with this website was fitting the large amount of information into the site in a way that is not overwhelming to visitors. We organized a complex idea into a simple visual journey, which is never an easy feat. By coupling this website with an informational motion graphics video, we were able to deliver high amounts of information in two easy-to-understand methods.