Client Name:

Nocturne Jazz & Cocktail Room



Colorado Web Development, CSS, HTML, Graphic Design, 3D Rendering



Our work with Nocturne combined several different design mediums, all aimed at helping make their dream become a reality. They came to us with a logo and an idea, and we brought it all to life. The website needed to be informative, easy to navigate, yet scalable to all sizes of display, so that anyone interested, investor or enthusiast, could easily find what they were looking for. We recreated their logo in 3D to use on their website and print media, adding depth, visual interest, and emphasizing their art deco style. And finally, they wanted a full 3D visualization of their future restaurant, to help attract and astound investors, and to convey the images in their mind better than any words or drawings could.


The main challenge with this project was also the most rewarding: the transformation from a simple architectural floorplan of an empty building to a realistic representation of a fully stocked restaurant in 3D. The brick walls, the elaborate curtains, the placement of every light and the color of every chair, every detail had to be made from scratch and laid out according to the client's vision.