3D Animation

3D Products:

Product Visualization Architectural Rendering Medical Illustration Forensic Animation
Product Showcasing Live-action Compositing Instructional Animation Story-telling
Modeling Sculpting Texturing Animation
Lighting Cloth Simulation Particles Fluids


Want to really wow your audience? Having something in 3D to show customers or investors not only impresses visually, but can also explain in SECONDS what could take half an hour or more in words. Why explain something when you can fly through it and see how it works? Here’s how 3D can help your business:

  1. Show investors what your next big idea will be

    A picture’s worth a thousand words; a video’s worth millions. Make it count by showing the right people EXACTLY what you’re envisioning, so they can share your vision too.

  2. Make eyes pop and jaws drop

    Having a well-crafted 3D image or video not only looks amazing, but makes you look amazing. Imagine talking about your idea over coffee, and then showing a photo of it at the end. They’ll be hooked.

  3. See ANYTHING you can imagine come to life

    Have an idea for an object that can fit in your palm? For a building that could be in that vacant lot? Both? Whatever the scope of your vision, 3D can show it off, from a clock to an entire city block.

  4. Tell a story

    People love to be entertained – we’re social creatures! A short video that can engage others or make them laugh is a perfect way to get your business known and trusted.

  5. Defy reality

    Everyone knows the limitations of reality: apples can’t fall up, cameras can’t go through walls, and time can’t stop. Don’t let that stop you, though. Showcase your product in the most unusual of ways to really make it stand out!



We discuss your ideas and needs with you.


We storyboard the entire animation to get an idea of the camera movement, how the motion will look, and make sure the story is told well.


We build all of the 3D assets. This is where characters get their look, floors become wood or concrete, lamps become gold or brass. Everything has to be made from scratch.


We take all of the assets and put them to work! Characters move, cameras animate, and objects do their thing.


This is where the magic happens. Lights cast shadow, reflections and refractions get calculated; everything that makes the final images look finished.