Common Design Products:

Illustration Logo Flyers Reports
Typography Business Cards Mailers Sell Sheets
Infographics Letter Head Folders Mailers
Photography Sales Presentations Banners Menu
Motion Graphics Brochures Envelopes Poster
Video Production Ads Presentation Newsletter


Do you know how much design can affect your business? We do! Having a great design can impact how customers view your business. Here are five reasons why design matters to you:

  1. The first thing a customer sees can make or break your reputation

    A great design can make you seem more reputable and trustworthy to your customers, which in turn creates a positive image for your company.

  2. Stand out from your competition

    There is a lot of thought that goes into any design, no matter how simple it may appear to be. A professional designer thinks of form and function, creating an image appropriate for your industry, yet unique to you.

  3. Be memorable and recognizable

    Having creative and unique design associated with your company will help you become more well-known. People will remember your business, which will encourage them to come back again and again.

  4. Convey the RIGHT message

    Different colors convey different messages. Green and red are Christmas colors; brown and orange are for Thanksgiving; orange and black is Halloween. You don’t want to use the wrong imagery for your business, as it can give someone a wrong impression of what you do.

  5. Sales

    People are FAR more likely to go with the product or business that looks nicer, even if it is more expensive. Generic design is cheaper, but it does nothing for your business.



We discuss your ideas and needs with you


We put together images that represent your style and brand as reference


We sketch out rough ideas, brainstorm, and create multiple options to choose from


Once we have a concept, we create it on the computer. This is the phase where we play with colors, fonts, etc.


We finish up the design and send you all the file formats that you need